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Self Study – Book 2 (4)

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Book: 80/20 Principle: The Secret of achieving more with less
Subject Area: Productivity & Effectiveness
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Personal Achievement & happiness!

80% of out achievement and happiness come from 20% of time. So, the basic rule is you identify, expand, maximize and try to improve upon this 20%.

First, determine your ambition level and your level of achievement you need. Rank them on a scale of 1 to 3. Identify which box you fit into. The key to improve is first to identify where you stand, what you are, and where you want to get to.

Do not do things you are not so good in doing. Do not do things that others ask you to do (unless it is your boss!) Minimise the obligations others impose on you. Instead focus on and maximize things you do best.

The Village theory: We all have the option to form a lot of relationships. But, most of us have set number of slots to form close relationships. This evolved as through history, humanity mostly lived in a close set of people. We need to make sure, we identify the right people to fill those slots and improve them.

As much important as it is to identify the right "Better Half", It is also important to identify a set of mentors – People who can help you, and a set of mentees – where you are the mentor. Trust, Mutual enjoyment and benefit and reciprocity are the base lines for building these. For both personal and professional relations, fewer and deeper is better than larger and shallow. After all, the deep well still has water when the shallow pond dries up!

The world we live is a winner take-all world. This is especially true in the current age when popularity snowballs tremendously. The Top star receives more money than the next 5 people combined in his line of work. The imbalance – pareto effect is very pronounced.

Hard working is good. Being Intelligent is better. Being Intelligent and Hardworking makes you the perfect "Get the work done" guy. Being Intelligent and lazy makes you the leading star! Identify the Hardworking stupid guy and fire him. Keep the lazy stupid for amusement. Hire the Hardworking, intelligent guy to get the work done!

I think Indians – as a society- have a problem here. Indian generals are still known for leading their men in battle. While certainly it provides inspiration, it did not bode well for us in the battle! Strategy and overall objective is much more important than vain ego disguised as honour.

In a professional level, always try to specialize than generalize your skills. The old adage "It is better to be a master of one trade than a jack of all" still applies! Identify your niche. Work towards specializing in that and becoming an acknowledged leader. Become self-employed early and use contractors to do all but your core skills! Identify the 20% of effort that gives the 80% of the result! Work on that.

A piece of advice for investment guys. As a golden rule, If a share goes 15% below what you paid for it, Sell it. Even if it starts going up after that, wait for at least a week or more to watch the trend, before you buy it back.

Being Happy is not an impossible art. Scientist recently have found that people are usually born with a set level of happiness and tend to migrate towards it! Having said that, Genes do not decide everything. Your genes even allow murder! That does not mean you can do it! We are blessed with a conscious mind and rationality that can override what "GOD" or "GENES" wrote for us!

Identify the time you were happy. Identify the person who made you happy. Identify the event that made you happy. Identify the achievement that made you happy. Work on those. Try to expand the time spent on those activities/person/events.

Optimism and Hope have never been wrong. A positive attitude and optimistic bent – may have lead Columbus down the wrong path – but he still found something! After all, It is better to die sooner and happier that to live longer and sad! Fortunately, it is also scientifically proven that happy and optimistic people –generally -live longer and healthier – as their stress levels are much lower than cynical people!

It is not too late to change. Identify the causes of depression. The endless depression cycle that we talk/think ourself into. Know it does not have to be that. YOU can change it. Develop a sense of self-worth. The core part of you that no one /nothing can change or touch. Build on that. Don't fall into the snake pit. Avoid Rush hour traffic – if that causes you stress. Change your lifestyle to suit you!

If you find yourself, too deep in the pits of depression, follow the following 7 steps to climb out. Normal people too- can (and should!) follow these to focus on their happiness more! Do Exercise. Physical Exercise. Stimulate your mind. Do something that requires active thinking on your part. Writing an article, Learning something new. Have some time for spiritual/artistic stimulation or learn to meditate. Do a good thing to someone. Out of pure kindness! Take some time off with some friends. Stop worrying and have some good time. Treat and congratulate yourself on every small success!

Happiness is a duty! By being happy, not only do we properly take care of our own health, we make people we encounter happy too. Being happy is a responsibility that each of us have to hold ourselves upto!

As conclusion, the 80/20 theory does NOT recommend inequality! But merely acknowledges it and finds ways to use it to our benefit.

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